Solhem Sauna

Rauha Sauna


Similar in material and appointments to the "Solglimt Sauna," the design of this simple one-room building derives from an antique farmstead sauna in Finland. "Rauha" is the Finnish word for "peace" and "tranquility."

Unlike its old-time sisters, the gently sloping roof of the Rauha Sauna is steel rather than turf. Not only does this ensure a durable and fire-resistant surface, it is lightweight so the building can be easily moved.

There is one small window for view, ventilation and daylight. This is also where a small lantern can shine through from the outdoors for night-time illumination.

Whether you decide on a Rauha Sauna or another of our fine line of Saunas, you will receive the top-quality craftsmanship that Solhem Sauna is known for. We are committed to providing you with a Sauna that not only fits your lifestyle but also fits your budget.